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It’s 12 degrees and sunny today in London and so far my family is having a BBQ, about 10 of my neighbours are mowing the lawn, the ice cream van has came twice and I saw a topless man in his garden

let me reemphasise that it’s 12 DEGREES





Every fandom ever

This gets better the longer you watch

Barney is the fan who insists on complete silence and purity in the fandom.  Feels should not get in the way.

Ted is the fan who is too emotionally invested in his ship and screams whenever they are on-screen.

Lily is the fan who cries about everything that happens— even when it’s not the least bit emotional.

And Marshall is the hate-watcher who is horrified with the whole fandom but can’t stop watching.

Are you trying to save my soul?

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Keng Lye - Alive without Breath (2013) - Hyperrealistic sea animals created using acrylics and epoxy resin, layer by layer

whaaaat the heck

Peter Jackson, director of The Hobbit, names his cameras

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Today while at work a guy came in and brought 10 dozen eggs. After I gave him his change and the last bag of eggs he looked at me with the most serious expression ever and said “eggcellent” before walking away and I swear in that moment I had never been happier to sell a man eggs


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Three little monkeys, wise as can be. 


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